Oguz Uygur – Cinematography Reel

The Devil Needs a Fix_short narrative film_Role: Cinematography

NW Signs_website banner_Role: Creating

J A M I S O N | Open the Door_music video_Role: Creating

The Artist_short film_Role: Directing/Cinematography/Editing

Mayor of Ballard_short documentary_Role: Cinematography

You Brought Me Back to Life – Citizens & Saints_music video_Role: Cinematography

Seyit Uygur { Ebru Artist }_promo video_Role: Creating

Cleansed by the Blood_short documentary_Role:Editing/Color/Directing live-action

Easter Celebration_promo video_Role: Cinematography/Editing

Saturday Night Service_promo video_Role: Editing

JUMPING OR GETTING BY_short story_Role: Editing

Passover_music video_Role: Editing

Poison Tree_music video_Role: Editing